Multiple Remote Network VAV Systems
and Package Unit Control
Roof-Top Units and / or
Package Units, Exhaust Fans,  Lighting Circuits,
2 to 80 Modulating Zones Dampers

  The ZonexCommander (Plus) communicates remotely
  or on-site with G/E or HP, stand-alone, rooftop units,
  and zone systems.

  Each Command Center supports up to 4 Relay
  Modules (RMODís) and a maximum of 20
  communicating devices.  Multiple Command Centers
  may be networked together with the multiplexer to
  support 16 HVAC units and up to 80 modulating
  or two position zone dampers.

  All scheduling and monitoring is accomplished through
  the use of the Windows Based software, accessible
  by a local computer, modem connection or optional
  TCIP Internet Device.

    A Complete Zonex Commander (Plus) System
          Consists of The following components:

  1. ZNXPLUS (With Modem, HDLAS Sensor,
     Operating Software)
  2. RMOD (1 per unit)  Relay Module, Includes
     On- board capacity control
  3. Zone and/or Stand Alone Thermostats
  4. Zone Dampers
  6. Twisted Pair wire

  Optional items:

  SENDCOM- Communicating duct sensors for
   stand alone equipment, display Supply Air
   and Return Air Temperatures  remotely

  RLYCOM - Communicating relay module to
                   schedule generic loads

  101MUX- Four channel multiplexer
                for systems greater than 20 zones

  CZNX - Without Modem, an add-on for systems
               larger than 20 zones

  Transformer (Field Supplied)